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/e/OS Fairphone 3

The deGoogled Fairphone 3 is most likely the first privacy conscious and sustainable phone. It combines a phone that cares for people and planet and an OS and apps that care for your privacy.

It features a removable 3000 mAh rechargeable battery. And in case of an accident, with its replaceable modules, you can repair it your self with a single screwdriver.

If you care about fairer technology, it is an obvious choice…


Ships within 7 to 10 days
14 days return policy

Android without Google

/e/OS is at the core of our privacy by design ecosystem. We have removed many pieces of code that send your personal data to remote servers without your consent. We don’t scan your data in your phone or in your cloud space, and we don’t track your location hundred times a day or collect what you’re doing with your apps.

/e/OS comes with beautifully designed open-source apps to cover most of your needs: browser, email, calendar, maps, camera ….

And because /e/OS runs on Android, you can still run most of your favourite Android apps.

Access app directly from your phone

Our app directory will give you access to more than 60,000 free apps directly from the OS.

You can check if each application respects your personal data with our privacy score. It analyses each app for you and gives them a score from 0 to 10.

We are constantly adding new apps.

One ID for your privacy

/e/OS is synchronised with a free account with your email address that ends with “@e.email”.

You get 1GB of free and private storage, convenient backup and access for your mail, calendar, contacts, documents, tasks and notes.

In the Box

We only include the absolute necessary in the box to reduce electronic waste.

  • Fairphone 3
  • Protective Bumper
  • Screwdriver
  • Quick start guide
We encourage you to reuse your current USB cables, power adapters, and headphones, if they are compatible with this smartphone. But if you need any new power adapters, USB cable or headphones, we have these options made for this model available, sold separately.

Tech Specs

Display size
Screen resolution2160 x 1080 – 18:9
Dimensions(HxWxD) 158.1×71.8×9.89mm
Weight189 g
Internal Memory
Internal storage64GB
Expandable storageyes, up to 400 GB
Sim SlotsDual SIM
Sim SizeNano-SIM
Volteyes, if supported by your mobile provider
Vowifiyes, if supported by your mobile provider
Front facing camera
Rear facing camera12 megapixel



Currently, we sell and ship to countries within the European Economic Area (including the United Kingdom), Switzerland, the United States of America and Canada.

For consumers ordering from outside the European Union, we invoice excluding VAT. Some countries or states may apply customs duties, VAT or other taxes based on the order value, the payment of which is your exclusive responsibility.

For consumers ordering from outside the European Union, we invoice excluding VAT. Some countries or states may apply customs duties or other taxes based on the order value, the payment of which is your exclusive responsibility.

Shipping costs are not included and will be calculated upon check out based upon your shipping address.

Yes. We will send a confirmation by email when your product has shipped including a tracking link.

You can return your product within 14 days of the date you receive the product as long as it is undamaged. You will have to return it with its accessories if any in the box, and we’ll refund based upon the original payment method.

You can pay via debit card, credit card and Paypal in most markets.

We also support online transfers from bank accounts with iDEAL for customers based in the Netherlands and Giropay for customers based in Germany.

We look to add more payment options in the future.

All our phones are carrier unlocked.

Our phones are based on GSM technology for 2G and 3G networks. They are not compatible with CDMA on 2G and 3G networks.

All our phones are compatible with 4G LTE

For now, our phones will work with the following carriers:

T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, AT&T, Simple Mobile, Speedtalk Mobile, Ultra Mobile, Red Pocket Mobile, Ting, Tempo, Walmart Family Mobile, Pure TalkUSA, Straight Talk.

Our phones are not yet on the approved list on the Verizon network.

Rogers, Telus, Shaw, BCE, Virgin Mobile, Fido, Freedom, Koodo

Our phones are compatible with all European carriers. We are not aware of any exclusion at this stage.

We aim to support with at least 3 years of software updates and security patches.

We publish software updates for our phones at least every 2 months. We sometimes even have updates every month.

Technically yes, but note that this will void your warranty and support with us.

You can connect with our support team who will help you to solve your issue or get your phone fixed.

Most Android apps can be installed on /e/OS.

For now, we don’t support paid apps or in-app purchases.

As Google Mobile Services are not preinstalled on our phones, some apps that depend heavily on those services might not run properly. We update our system regularly to support more apps.

You can check if an app is already listed with our store here. In case an app isn’t yet listed in our store, you can request it directly from the store itself. We can also help you find other sources to access apps.

It is optional, although we would highly recommend that you make this combination. You can sign up for your free /e/ account here.

An /e/ account is an extension of /e/OS, with your own and personal email, your calendar, your contacts, notes, tasks… It is a personal cloud storage to back up your data among other things. It creates a unique privacy enhanced environment.

For advanced users, we also have the option to self-host. More information is available on this page on our gitlab.

We support professional sales. Please make sure to include your company details in the checkout and your VAT number.

Murena is the new brand for phones coming with /e/OS pre-installed. As we aim to reach more and more people looking for smartphones with privacy built-in, it is important to make it simple for people to refer to their phone, mention it to their friends and relatives, etc…

Overtime, we expect to roll out the Murena brand to more products and services.

/e/OS remains the name of the operating system.

Murena is a reference to the project initial name, EELO, we had to drop some time back.

When looking for a new name, we read this reference on wikipedia we liked a lot:
Murena is a name (cognomen) used by a Roman plebeian family from Lanuvium belonging to the gens Licinia. It is supposed to be derived from the fondness of a family member for lampreys (murenae). The plebs were, in ancient Rome, the general body of free Roman citizens who were not patricians, as determined by the census. The precise origins of the group and the term are unclear, though it may be that they began as a limited political movement in opposition to the elite (patricians) which became more widely applied.

Like those free Roman citizens who fought for their freedom, Murena aims to free people from the Big Tech control over our personal data.

1 review for /e/OS Fairphone 3

  1. mike (verified owner)

    Buying this phone with e OS installed was a leap of faith on my behalf, never heard of e.foundation, until I was looking at the Fairfone 3. A reviewer stated they were about to install e OS as they did not want android from Google. I could buy a phone and install an OS of my choice on it, I’m not quite there yet, I want to, but don’t feel I am proficient enough yet. E.foundation had a device in the here and now working as it should out of the box, no drama’s etc. I had tried the Punkt MP2, which was too glitchy and battery life was miserable. The Librem 5, too expensive and nowhere near ready, if ever. The lightphone, just not my type of phone.

    So that’s how I came to be at the e.foundation web site, I was sick and tired of intrusive Google, to the point of hating my current android phone.
    So I bit the bullet and bought a Fairphone 3 with e OS already installed.

    I have used it as my daily phone for just over a week and find it exactly what I want my phone to do. I want it to be a phone first and foremost, calls and text messages. Anything else it does, that is helpful to me, is a bonus.
    However best bonus of all, no Google garbage. No telling Google where I am, what I am doing, who I am talking to, what I am buying, no reading my emails and no annoying adds when surfing the web. I can have just the things that I want, and nothing that Google thinks I want. My phone, has now become my phone and not Google’s intrusive market research and advertising portal to my life 24/7.

    I don’t you-tube or watch films on it, why would I when I have a large TV for that? I use it to stream music from Spotify or a digital radio app. It’s bluetooth finds my headphones or accessories quickly and its range is impressive. I may take the occasional photo, so really the camera size, however many pixels it has, is irrelevant. It has a fingerprint reader on the reverse side, something I personally won’t use, I prefer my 12 digit pin for security.

    The phone, which I can dismantle with a screwdriver (supplied) is a terrific idea, so replacing parts will be easily achieved. A replaceable battery, fantastic, a plastic bumper to help the phone survive daily life, excellent. I am not too hard on my phones, I look after them, battery problems force me to change so I may keep this phone for years. It is the largest phone I have used, but I find it easy to handle, light and easy to grip, especially with the bumper fitted.

    This phone gives me the best of both worlds, user serviceability and an O/S that keeps my stuff private. Utterly Priceless. My only criticism, I want the ability to remove installed apps I don’t want, like notes, tasks, weather, calendar, recorder and calculator, just like any Linux OS I use I can deinstall anything I don’t want or need. Then the phone and its /e/OS, would be as perfect as it can get.

    • mike

      I have now used this phone and operating system for over two months, its superb. I have updated the O/S two possibly three times over the air, without incident. Every app I use works flawlessly. I don’t use the E/OS account default Apps, I use Signal, Tor, Riseup-VPN, Orbot, F-Droid, Protonmail, Ctemplar or Tutanota. Utterly Fabulous, my phone is my phone again. Thank you e foundation and all involved. I await the Fairfone 3+ on e O/S.. cant be long .

  2. Stefan

    Bought the Fairphone 3 some months ago and booted /e/ OS on it. Works very smooth so far and its great to have most of the Android apps directly available. Love the combination of a sustainable phone with an Open Source OS of a company whose aim is to protect and not invade user’s digital privacy.

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